Hose Joiners


Hose joiners are ideal for joining together two lengths of silicone or rubber hose. The large range of sizes available makes them suitable for oil, water of boost/air pipes. CNC machined in aluminium, ribbed for maximum sealing and grip.

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Hose ID:

13mm OD, 16mm OD, 19mm OD, 22mm OD, 25mm OD, 28mm OD, 30mm OD, 32mm OD, 35mm OD, 38mm OD, 40mm OD, 45mm OD, 48mm OD, 50mm OD, 54mm OD, 57mm OD, 60mm OD, 63mm OD, 68mm OD, 70mm OD, 75mm OD, 89mm OD

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