2 Step Hose Reducers


A range of aluminium reducers ideal for connecting air systems including ducting, filters and intercoolers. Suitable for welding or can be used as they are. Each reducer has a wall thickness of approximately 1.5mm and measures 80mm in length with flange lengths of 30mm at each end.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Reduction (mm):

60>50 OD, 63>50 OD, 63>60 OD, 70>50 OD, 70>60 OD, 70>63 OD, 76>50 OD, 76>60 OD, 76>63 OD, 76>70 OD, 80>70 OD, 89>70 OD, 89>76 OD, 89>80 OD, 102>76 OD, 102>89 OD, 114>89 OD

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